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Student midwife weighing baby with own baby on her back
Student midwife weighing baby.

Holistic Birth Institute is a provider of midwife education and training for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives working through the North American Registry of Midwives Portfolio Application Process. We support the apprenticeship model of learning and proudly guide our student midwives through the knowledge, skills and clinical requirements of the NARM PEP process. We host classes, teach skills, and offer clinical opportunities through apprenticeship with midwife preceptors.

From the www.narm.org website: The Certified Professional Midwife was developed to provide competency-based certification for midwives who are primarily apprentice-trained in out of hospital birth. The CPM credential allows multiple routes of entry to the profession in order to encourage innovation in education, adaptability to evolving best practices of the profession, diversity in the pool of credentialed midwives and broad accessibility to the profession. The competency-based model for certification assures well-educated, skilled and competent providers. That is what we do! We have been teaching and precepting midwife students for over 10 years now!

Some of our students get their clinical experiences through apprenticeship with one of our midwife preceptors and some find their own clinical preceptor(s). Either way, we can help midwife students through their knowledge requirements and skills training!

After years of teaching these classes, most of the classes are now offered online! Occasionally we will have an in-person class. And we will have hands-on skills days, but usually we can meet online for convenience and miss fewer lessons that way, too! If anyone is thinking of taking one of our courses, please consider the distance for travel if you want to participate in the hands-on portions. We have used skype and zoom in the past to accommodate distance students and would consider doing it again. Please contact us about this before you sign up for the class!

We are continually uploading new classes and new content, with the goal of keeping our classes up-to-date by reviewing the most recent research and publications and re-making class videos every 4 or 5 years. That way, no one is watching stagnant old videos from 10 years ago. 😊

GPS does NOT find us well. To avoid a wild goose chase, please call for driving directions. We are open by appointment only. 417-812-6462

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